Crane Carrier Company History

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Crane Carrier Company is a leader in the vocational truck industry, providing custom, severe-service chassis and purpose built vehicles for the refuse and recycling, infrastructure maintenance, ground support, agriculture, oil and gas, and concrete mixer markets under the Crane Carrier Company, Crane Carrier Company Engineered Chassis and CyKlone® Mixer brands.


Crane Carrier Company (CCC) began in 1946 by modifying, reinforcing and re-manufacturing surplus military vehicles for the construction and petroleum industries. As the company grew with their markets' requirements, modifying commercial and military chassis became less suitable for their customers’ needs, and the company began designing and manufacturing their own custom chassis for the mobile crane market.


Crane Carrier Company (CCC) pioneered the development of the CCC Century line of chassis during the 1960's as a vehicle designed for the specialized requirements of on- and off-highway ready-mix concrete carriers and materials hauling industries.


Introduced in 1974, the Crane Carrier Company (CCC) Centurion was the first vehicle of its kind specifically designed for waste management industry applications. In 1979, CCC introduced a new chassis, the Low Entry Centurion, designed specifically for the largest segment of the waste management market - residential refuse collection. As its name implies, the vehicle featured a step-in entry of only 18 inches from ground to cab floor on both sides of the vehicle, less than half the floor height of most commercial cabs. The lower step height and operational dual-steer/ drive controls significantly reduced physical strain on the collection crew and, as a result, increased overall efficiency and productivity.

The Centurion, or better known today as the LET2, continues to be one of CCC’s most dynamic growth products. The LET2 continues to experience rapidly increasing acceptance because of its advanced features, including the ability to accommodate all types of front, rear and automated side loading refuse hauling bodies without chassis modification. The refuse market has been a main focus for the company for more than 30 years, making CCC an industry leader via dedicated production of innovative, reliable and durable products. CCC pioneered low entry dual steer refuse cabs in 1979, followed by the company’s integrated product line. CCC's refuse customer base is predominantly made up of large municipalities seeking durable products that display reliability in high-cycle daily use and provide safe operation and increased payload capacity. Currently, CCC manufactures heavy-duty refuse chassis products used in extremely demanding high-cycle and severe-service vocational applications.

In 1976, CCC introduced the Corsair oil and gas well servicing work over rig – the company’s first major venture in the manufacture of a totally integrated package – including the chassis and "upper" service unit. Corsair rigs currently remain in service around the world, and in major oil and gas producing fields along the Gulf Coast, Rocky Mountain and Mid-Continent regions. Based on jobsite experience and manufacturing improvements associated with the introduction of the Corsair rig, Crane Carrier developed a "standardized" design, which not only satisfied most oil and gas well maintenance and work over service needs, but also offered custom options to meet their special requirements.

CCC maintains a well-deserved reputation for building maintainability and reliability into each of their custom chassis, refuse and specialty market products for severe-service and specialized applications. CCC has developed several products that currently lead the refuse industry in technical innovation, while providing the industry with more reliable and user-friendly products increasing both productivity and payload capacity.


In 1995, Crane Carrier Company (CCC) identified and established itself in several new heavy truck markets including terminal tractors. Strides were made by developing a variation of the company’s existing chassis products, and integrating proprietary technology that allowed CCC to offer a full line of EPA/DOT Certified on-highway terminal tractors, and to become a major supplier of "ship to shore" tractors for the U.S. Army.


In 2000, Crane Carrier Company (CCC) introduced the all new and improved LET2 and LCF chassis with a redesigned cab and chassis featuring new technology with improved aesthetics and ergonomics. The new LET2 and LCF cab is designed to enhance driver comfort and efficiency with a 5" deeper cabin, tilt and telescoping steering column(s), a new and updated HVAC system with a more ergonomic dash housing, control locations and instrumentation layout. The new LET2 cab and chassis design, with a remote mounted high capacity radiator, provides the occupants with increased interior room and significant reductions in noise and heat generated by the drive train – while providing the capacity required to cool high horsepower diesel engines with higher heat rejections to meet EPA emission standards.


Crane Carrier Company (CCC) was acquired by Hines Corporation in June of 2013 and the company’s headquarters was relocated to New Philadelphia, Ohio. Under Hines, a strategic merger was initiated to join CCC and Kimble Manufacturing forming Hines Specialty Vehicle Group – manufacturer of custom heavy-duty chassis and purpose built vehicles for the refuse and recycling, infrastructure maintenance, ground support, agriculture, oil and gas, and concrete mixer markets . This alliance of two industry leaders created synergies resulting in increased efficiency, advancements in technology and enhanced customer service.


Crane Carrier Company (CCC) embarked on a new chapter in the company’s long and distinguished history by launching as an independent company in 2019. Headquartered in New Philadelphia, Ohio, CCC consists of three brands including the namesake Crane Carrier Company (truck chassis), Crane Carrier Company Engineered Chassis and CyKlone® Mixers.

The CCC legacy carries on as the company continues to produce some of the most elite specialty trucks on the road today. Crane Carrier Company’s product lines are longtime fixtures in private and municipal severe-duty fleets across the country.

Quality Products Start with Quality People

We believe that producing quality trucks starts with hiring quality people.

Crane Carrier Company is proud of our dedicated and highly skilled workforce. We employ top talent in all areas ranging from engineering, sales and finance, to assembly, welding and service.

If you have a passion for production, a knack for numbers, or a command of customer service; or you have a strong work ethic and just love big, bad trucks that rule the road, consider a career with Crane Carrier.