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Crane Carrier Company (CCC) is a leading manufacturer of purpose-built, quality driven Class 7 and 8 severe-duty trucks. With over 70 years of expertise, a rock solid reputation and an iconic design, Crane Carrier produces some of the most elite specialty trucks on the street today.

  • Safety and reliability are key to our success for the city and its residents. Crane Carrier has delivered these key elements to us for the past 18 years.

    - Superintendent Fleet Services

  • We are pleased that Crane Carrier listened to its users when making changes to the 2019 model designs; it’s proof to us that they are a customer driven manufacturer that fully understands municipal refuse collection.

    - Director Environmental Services

  • Our work related injuries have decreased significantly since placing the Crane Carrier low entry trucks into our collection fleet. That alone has contributed to our bottom line.

    - Fleet Operations Manager

  • Our testing concluded that Crane Carrier is designed, built and supported to exceed our grueling demands. It’s truly a heavy-duty refuse collection vehicle.

    - Deputy Director Public Services

  • With the Crane Carrier Crew Cab, we can safely carry four workers facing forward, all with seatbelts. It was designed from the ground up to carry four, not modified to carry three.

    - Fleet Safety and Compliance Manager

  • We visited the factory and saw firsthand the quality and attention to details that go into each truck. It did not feel like just another manufacturing plant, it felt more like a custom truck builder.

    - Truck Maintenance Supervisor

  • I’m not a small guy. The Crane Carriers that we have give me the room I need to safely do my job.

    - Collection Vehicle Driver

  • The cab is tough as nails. We bounce off of utility poles and fence posts when working in the tight alleys of our city. Our Crane Carriers just keep moving with nothing more than a few scratches.

    - Assistant Fleet Supervisor

  • We have Crane Carriers that are 20 years old and still working everyday. What better testimonial is there than that?

    - Public Service Director