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Company History

Over the past 70 years, Crane Carrier Company has established itself as a leader in the vocational truck industry, building a solid reputation based on superior quality, unmatched durability and exceptional craftsmanship. Rooted in the manufacturing of custom, heavy-duty on- and off-road severe-service vehicles, the company’s long and distinguished history is a story of endurance, excellence and innovation that continues to be written today..

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Core Values & Commitment to Quality

Crane Carrier Company is guided by a set of fundamental, meaningful principles that drive everything we do. From our “Customer First” philosophy, to our focus on safety and commitment to quality, CCC’s Core Values unite our team and define our purpose.

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We believe that producing quality trucks starts with hiring quality people.

Crane Carrier Company is proud of our dedicated and highly skilled workforce. We employ top talent in all areas ranging from engineering, sales and finance, to assembly, welding and service.

If you have a passion for production, a knack for numbers, or a command of customer service; or you have a strong work ethic and just love big, bad trucks that rule the road, consider a career with Crane Carrier.

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Purpose Built. Quality Driven.

Built to tackle the toughest jobs, Crane Carrier Signature Chassis are unmatched in quality, durability and dependability.